Pictures have never been so important, especially pictures of you, your team and the faces behind the business. Who are you, what do you and your business represent? People love to see who you are, what yo look like! And although there is still a place for a strong traditional corporate head shot, more and more businesses of all sizes are looking for something a bit more..creative, relaxed…. well interesting. I’m not talking about pictures of you water skiing of paragliding just something with a little more personality and soul…. here are some recent head shot images, which, while still professional, are also interesting and individual.

It was a busy year at JMP. CEOs, Cook books, film stars, The PM, Bafta awards, John Lewis shoots, University graduations, Political conferences, corporate head shots, lifestyle shoots, business start ups and a whole lot more….heres to a creative and happy 2020.

This was my first visit to Wales’ fabulous new exhibition space the international convention centre by Celtic Manor. Hanging out with the legendary Space man Tim Peake was awesome and although I was there to take photographs, I did learn a thing or too about Mars along the way. Bonus.

It was a privilege to be commissioned to produce a gallery of images for the Welsh Assembly. The Senedd in Cardiff Bay is a beautiful building so it was a real treat to get to know it better. Like a person, buildings have many different sides, angles and faces. They change constantly with the light, so it took a few visits at different times to really do it justice.

Food & Lifestyle Photography is possibly my favourite kind photography, especially when the food looks this good. This place is amazing. Check it out if you’re in the area, Castle Farm at Midford is well worth a visit

A recent shoot for a leading High End student development in Cardiff. The brief was to create a picture library of stylish, life style imagery, with a strong identity, that could be used for the website, brochure, large print advertising and even paintmyphoto to transform it in to canvas.

Over the past decade, advertising has influenced consumers perception on reality. They have created these fantasies of perfect lifestyles and what you need to achieve these “perfect” worlds. For many companies, advertising has shifted from selling a product to selling a desired lifestyle in which their product is suited for.

Advertising influences consumer lifestyles by creating a world of unrealistic needs with the brands that they promote.

Freud believed that consumers buying preferences are influenced by unconscious motives